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The Shaver Family

Researched and written by
Charles B Shaver

In 1958 Charles B Shaver retired for the second time, this time at the age of 78. Not one to remain idle, he returned to the project that had interested him for several years: To research and construct a history of the Shaver family.

Charles B Shaver he was called "Pop" by his children, grandchildren and many others spent weekends travelling his beloved Pennsylvania by train. He visited libraries, courthouses, and cemeteries. He wrote letters to family members, bureaucrats, and strangers. And he kept meticulous notes, re-organizing them over and over. Pop's work remains remarkable testimony to his intellect.

Pop produced his history on an old Underwood upright that I can still remember. And then he typed a copy for each of his children on that same typewriter. Based on one of these copies, and a box of his notes, I have decided that I should spend a part of my retirement rendering Pop's work to the present electronic format, one that can be more easily shared by his grandchildren and their children and grandchildren.

But I also hope my efforts will be complemented by others. If anyone knows of errors or additions, please click on the word "Corrections" over to the left in the gold banner. You will be presented with a form that you can fill out and that will be emailed to me. I will make the corrections or any additions quickly.

How to begin

he list of names to the left is the only complete list on this web site. With a few exceptions, it was compiled by Pop. It spans all decendents of Peter Shaver down to the generation of Pop's grandchildren. You may click on any one of the names in that list. If you ever wish to return to this page, click on the word 'Family' over to the left in the gold banner at the top.

You may wish to read this genealogy as it was written — as a story. If so, I have provided a chain of links that will page through the story as it was presented in one of Pop's three-ring binders. Each link looks like the little book to the right. After reading a page of the story, a click on the book will take you to the story's next page.

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Note: I have displayed additions to Pop's text in blue, like the page you are now reading. Pop's words are always black on white.

John H Shaver 

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