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John Shaver




Pop's history contains only passing reference to John Shaver, son of Peter Shaver and brother of his own great grandfather. Nor have I been able to find organized notes on the subject. There is a scrap of paper that refers to John's war record. Census records don't seem to be much help, since there are 'John Shaver's in more than one township just in Huntingdon county during the late 1700's.

I have been able to find these three promising references on the internet, although they are from the same source:

Scheaver, Hans Peater (July 7, 2002)
Scheaver, Hans Peater (July 18, 2003)
Scheaver, Hans Peater (July 20, 2004)

These accounts are surprising both because of their similarities to Pop's account and also because of their differences. Bluntly put, they contradict Pop's account. We can ask, therefore: How thorough was Pop's research? Even a brief look at his notes and correspondence will show that Pop was very thorough.

In fact, in an early draft, Pop specifically rejects Hans Peater Scheaver, who arrived in Philadelphia on the Loyal Judith, as an ancestor. To allow the reader to consider some of the data Pop gathered and to follow the line of reasoning he followed, I have decided to reproduce some of his notes and tables in a section entitled:

Data and Deductions

A link to this information is to the left of every page, at the bottom.

By the way, I would like to encourage anyone who would like to try to track down information about this John Shaver, oft-mentioned brother to Peter II.

—John H Shaver