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David Newton Shaver

* September 12, 1852
April 11, 1886


David Newton Shaver, sixth child of the union of the Rev David and Nancy Linn Shaver, and the only child never married, was born on the family farm in Madison Township, Perry County. At an early age he became a traveling salesman, which led to his untimely death.

In April, 1886 the Johnstown Tribune, a newspaper, received the following letter from State Attorney John A. Patterson of Springfield, Missouri, inquiring about one D N Shaver, stating that

  an unknown man has been murdered in our county, April (night of) 11, 1886. This card was found on his person: D N Shaver, with Rosensteel & Son, manufacturers of superior crop leather and dealers in bark, hides, hair, sheep pelts, horns, glue stock, etc., Johnstown, Pa. Can you give any information relative to D N Shaver?  

The newspaper responded with this information:

  The person about whom information is desired was employed with Rosensteel and Son for eighteen months. He came here from Pleasantville, Bedford County. When he left here he was accompanied by John Mullin, son of Patrick Mullin. They parted in Cleveland, Ohio, and Mullin (?) has never been heard of since. About two years ago he paid a visit to Johnstown at which time he stated that he was employed, as an engineer, on a railroad running into Wheeling, West Virginia.  

News of this tragic ending was quite a shock to his ageing mother and other relatives residing in the East. He was buried in the county where he met his untimely death.

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