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Emma M Shaver

* September 9, 1931

married: Harold Merle Murphy



Harold Merle Murphy was born January 18, 1932.

On December 20, 2007, Emma wrote to this site, reporting that she owns a copy of Pop's research, which forms the basis of this website.

She adds: "...I treasure it. I remember him coming to our house in Altoona and sitting on the swing in our yard and talking to my dad. It was because of him that I developed interest in family research.

I have found the history of the Linn family very interesting and have done some research on those antecedents of ours. Did you know that we are related to the Gettys who were the founders of Gettysburg? A few weeks ago I visited the cemetery where the Linns and Elliotts are interred. It was the most serene, moving place I have been for a very long time. I visited the historical society of Perry County and met an attorney who was also a Linn descendent.

I think someone in your connection was married to Dr. Keagy's daughter. He was our family doctor when I was small. I was surprised how much the computer photo of you father reminds me my father, the shape and texture of his face and the way he wears his hat!!

[The daughter of Dr. Keagy, mentioned above, was Louise Keagy Shaver, who married Dr. John C Shaver, oldest son of Pop.]