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John Charles Shaver

* July 16, 1909
October 17, 2002
married Louise Marian Keagy, June 5, 1943


John Charles Shaver, oldest of the children, was born in South Altoona, where his parents had established housekeeping following their marriage. When he was less than three years old, his parents moved to Wilmerding, Pa, where he grew to be a sturdy boy. His grade schooling was procured in the Wilmerding public schools and in I927 he graduated from Union High School, in Turtle Creek, a community High School serving the boroughs of Wilmerding, Turtle Creek and East Pittsburgh.

While attending High School he improved his after-school time by working in C. G. Schwartz's pharmacy in Wilmerding. The proprietor, Mr. Schwartz, took an interest in him and encouraged him in his ambitions to become a physician, and following his graduation from high school had him continue in his employ for another year.

In 1928 he entered the University of Pittsburgh Medical school and after completing his two years pre-medical course, then required by law, as an honor student, he entered upon the four year course in medicine. Graduating, again with honors, he then served a year as intern in the Mercy hospital, Pittsburgh. His State examination giving him a license to practice as a physician, he again entered the Mercy Hospital to complete an additional three years, this time as a resident physician, this service being required by law before specializing in his practice. With another specialist he opened an office in a Pittsburgh office building where he practiced until the outbreak of the second World War.

While substituting for his Uncle, Dr. John Galbraith, during his absence in Altoona, he met his future wife, Miss Louise M. Keagy, daughter of Dr. Frank Keagy , of Altoona. Professions and courtships were interrupted by the summons to arms and John became identified with the University of Pittsburgh Medical unit, all being graduates of the institution and all commissioned Lieutenants. They were sent to the state of Washington preparatory to sailing the Pacific.

While stationed there, awaiting orders to sail, he sent for his betrothed and, accompanied by her father, Doctor Keagy, she traveled to the Pacific coast to join her beloved. With the father "giving away the bride," they were married there.

Their happy reunion in marriage was interrupted several weeks later when orders were received to sail the "Blue Pacific" war zone. He served throughout the entire conflict. Returning from the service in 1946, he returned to his wife and resumed his practice of medicine, specializing in "Internal Medicine", by which he won special mention for his work in the Pittsburgh district. For several years he served as assistant instructor in medicine in the University of Pittsburgh and at the present time is a member of the staff of the Mercy Hospital.

Two children blessed their home, John Charles and Martha Louise Shaver.

Record of WWII service

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