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Jon David Shaver

* January 15, 1961

married: Glenda Jane Brady


Rebecca has added the following information about her brother:

Jon David Shaver married Glenda Jane Brady and had 2 children: Jon David Shaver, Jr. born Nov. 11, 1979 and Samantha Michelle Shaver, born March 30, 1982. Jon D. Shaver and Glenda divorced year 1989. Jon D. Shaver also had a son with Donna Doerner named Brandon Lee Shaver born Aug. 23, 1991.

Jon David Shaver recently became a grandfather to Cassidy Jane Shaver born to Jon David Shaver, Jr. and Emma Shaver born to Samantha Michelle Shaver.

In March of 2002 Jon David Shaver became a born again Christian and serves as a Commissioned Prayer Minister and also holds a lead position of a Singles Ministry at South Pointe Christian Center under Assemblies of God (Pentecostal) in Sacramento, California.